Shopware Extended Product Warranty

Shopware Extended Product Warranty

Gain your customer’s trust while increasing your profit at the same time!

If you care about an image of a trusted and professional store, think about introducing an additional warranty. Additional service? Free exchange for a new copy? You set the conditions yourself!

Shopware Extended Warranty plugin enables store customers to purchase an additional warranty for the selected item. The shop owner sets the rules and cost of the warranty itself, which operate globally (applicable to the entire range selected by the owner).

How does the plugin work?

To select the assortment covered by the warrantee, tick the appropriate box in “item details / basic info”. The plugin is compatible with the Afterbuy plugin. This means that the system also provides information about the purchase of a warrantee, as a separate product (for this purpose, Afterbuy requires only basic configuration).

How can the customer purchase an additional warranty?

The option to add an extended warranty can be found on the product’s page as well as in the shopping cart. When selecting the warranty, the question mark icon is visible. After hovering, a message appears, the content of which is determined by the store owner in the configuration of the plugin, e.g. general warranty rules, link to further information, etc.

Important! The warranty applies to the product regardless of the number of items purchased. It means that the customer is not able to buy a one warranty when he buys, for example, two items. If the customer wants to buy two pieces of the selected product, but only one of them to have the warranty, he must submit two separate orders.

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