Shopware Advanced Menu Plus

Shopware Advanced Menu Plus

The Shopware Advanced Menu Plus plugin introduces a fresh look to the Shopware menu. It extends the functionality of Shopware Advanced Menu plugin, allowing you to change the layout and type of content.

Introducing such significant changes makes the shop more attractive and gives you the opportunity to fully control the presented offer. With this plugin we decide on the appearance of our shop’s menu.

Features of the Shopware Advanced Menu Plus plugin:

  • Image and category description can be exchanged for any type of content.
  • Width of columns and their content can be changed to defined proportions (25%, 50%, 75%) and individually for each category.
  • For each menu item you can add a css class that allows you to specify an individual appearance, for example, by placing an icon.
  • The number of the lowest level items displayed in the category can be defined.
  • In the menu you can enter an additional item, which allows you to display links to other subpages, i.e. description of shipping costs, regulations.
  • Shopware Advanced Menu plugin is required.

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