Shopware plugins. New products at JKB IT Solutions

Shopware plugins. New products at JKB IT Solutions

Wondering how to make your online store more customer and administrator friendly? Do you feel that something is missing and there’s too many of other things? Would you like to yourself decide which functions are needed and which aren’t? We have prepared some interesting plugins designed for the Shopware system.

Discover the new store menu layout with JKB Advanced Menu Plus

With this plugin, your offer will be attractively displayed, and the client will learn of its details before visiting the individual product page. You can place the most important information for the client, which you can freely change and update, in the additional tab in the menu. By using this solution, you have more control over the contents of your store’s menu.

All orders under control with the JKB Cdiscount Shopware Connector

Let your business grow while you search for more sales channels. The plugin has been created for people who sell their products on the French Cdiscount platform and run an online store based on the Shopware system. JKB Cdiscount Shopware Connector provides integration and the ability to handle orders placed on Cdiscount from the Shopware level.

JKB Shoppingworld For Shops – one category, many shoppingworlds

This plugin makes it easy to create and apply shoppingworlds depending on the domain, not the category. This works in such a way that JKB Shoppingworld For Shops allows you to assign several shoppingworlds to one category and display them depending on how you enter the store. You save a lot of time – you do not have to build a separate store with same assortment.

Shopware Productsearch Configurator – 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

The plugin will change your store and transfer the product selection process. The configurator allows you to precisely define customer’s preferences and personalize the product so that it meets your needs in 100%. You can specify your client’s needs in an easier and faster way.

Display attractive client information with JKB Custom Listing Banner

Do  you lack space to inform your customers about promotions, new products or free shipping? This plugin is for you. It allows you to add a banner that you can place between your products with your own content. You can put on it the information you want – discounts, sale options or new shipping rules.

Strengthen your credibility with JKB Trusted Shops For Category

The plugin has a special meta tag that allows you to show store’s rating on the categories indexed by Google. As a result, the store’s rating is visible in the Google search results for the categories and the main store’s address just below the title of the page. The credability of your store increases in the eyes of the customer before he even begins to use it.

Additional warranty with Shopware Extended Warranty

If you care about your image as a trusted and professional store, think about introducing an additional warranty on your products. Additional service, free exchange of goods? You set the conditions yourself. The plugin allows store customers to purchase an additional warranty for the selected item. The owner sets the rules and cost of the guarantee, which operate globally (they are valid for the entire range selected by the owner).

The eye-catching description of the categorie with JKB Teaser categories

The plugin allows dividing the description of the category into two parts. The first one is displayed above the listing, the second is displayed below the list of products. You can accurately describe products from a given category without overwhelming the customer with their description.

Many possibilities with JKB IT Solution plugins

JKB IT Solutions plugins can be installed freely, depending on your individual needs. A wide range of solutions allows you to customize the store to the prevailing trends and meet the expectations of your customers. Importantly, they significantly reduce service time while maintaining the highest standards. As a result, customers are satisfied with the transactions concluded, satisfied with the comprehensive service, and you gain a lot of time.