How strong is your position in search engines?

Have you prepared and put up your offer on the Internet, and despite the lapse of time sales and profits still do not grow? Prospective customers are not likely to find your store. Poor visibility on the Internet is one of the most common reasons for failure in the e-commerce market. If you are in such a situation, think about auditing your store, listing and website.

JKB IT Solutions offers a comprehensive analysis of the website and online shop that target SEO (search engine optimization) rules. Sometimes it is enough to correct some minor but key aspects to raise your position in the search engines. At other times it turns out that the cause is really serious and removing it will require a lot of time. After the audit you will receive a detailed report with our recommendations.


Wondering whether your site could be higher in search results? We can help you examine your page and improve your position in search engine results.

Online stores

A well-configured store can rank very high on Google, which has a significant impact on sales and profits. We can analyze your activity and prepare solutions for your business.