We help you build your store

Online store is one of the pillars of e-commerce. Therefore, the choice of software and graphic design should be well thought out at the very beginning so as not to hinder later business development. If you want to be sure that your project will be noticed by a group of potential customers, choose professionals.

We are experts in building online shops based on Shopware. We are up to date with all the changes and updates. We know them in the smallest details and we know how to use them to improve the functioning of the store. As JKB IT Solutions we create an online store and then hand it over to you. We may also be your support, which solves all issues related to the proper functioning of the store.


A German e-commerce trading platform, one of the most popular platforms among German-speaking businesses. As an official Shopware partner, JKB IT Solutions specializes in building online stores based on this system.